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Aari Ruben, 42, was born in Wisconson and raised on a family ranch in Sonoita, AZ. Graduating from St. Gregory College Preporatory High School in 1995, he went on to study Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Pharmacogenetics for 2 years at the University of Arizona. In addition, Aari served as a Lab Technician at Shaman Pharamceuticals in San Francisco where he conducted plant-based pharamceutical research and development.
He later served as an Administrator for Healthcare Southwest Inc. in a mental health and pain management group in 1997 and continued his work there until July of 2013, when he proudly opened his first state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary, Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center in Tucson. As a fierce advocate for marijuana legalization, drug policy reform, and human rights, Aari is proud to be able to provide safer medicine to patients who are in need. He is the proud father of three daughters ages 17,15 and 9. He enjoys travel, dining, golf, swimming and his dog.

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